MF-80D Cap Lining Machine

The type of MF-30D bottle cap lining machine is used to produce the sealing gasket Of bottle caps,to make the seals reach reasonable requirements.It is suitable for the bottle caps of carbonated drinks,tea drinks,fruit juice beverage and series of such products to resist pressure,prevent the liquid from leakage and keep the taste fresh. The device improved on the basis of original models and it's the third generaleration product by our research and developement.It achieves full-automatic production with the function of cap management,cap delivery,plastic drip moulding,temperature control and speed adjustment of frequency converter.It can save a lot of labors and time, improve the production efficiency,reduce the space occupation. and economize the effective energy.It's a necessary equipment for businessman doing plastic cap to achieve mass production.

lining-1 lining-2

Technical parameters
The main cap diameter: 28mm
Max. cap diameter: 38mm
Min. cap diameter: 15mm
Max. cap height: 25mm
Capacity: 40000-50000pcs/hour
Installed electrical power: 1.5kw(50Hz)
Consumed electrical power: 1KW
Compressed air cinsumption(approximate): 100NL/min
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