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TAIZHOU CITY HUANGYAN MINFENG BOTTLE CAP MACHINERY FACTORY is located in Jiangkou industrial Zone of Huangyan, which is Moulds Town of China and Land of Orange in east coastal line of China. The factory enjoys convenient traffic with Haimen Port to the East, Huangyan Airport to the South, and express ways pass by.

02Mould Design

Our enterprise is specialized in the independent design. the development of moulds and the manufacture of kinds of automatic cap machine.we are a professional mechanical company provided with the integrative and full-featured service of design,purchase,manufacture and installation.

Professional production03

By constantly strengthening the core power of the strict and high efficient organization,we make the operation of the whole organization more elastic and efficient . As a farseeing strategic organization,we are capable of quick-response market change. We are greatly proud of our management team that is dependable,steady,keen-witted and has strong team spirit with high efficiency.

MF-80B Intelligent& High Speed Cap Compression Molding Machine

There is separate cooling system on the upper and lower mould.The cooling water flow is larger and cap production speed is faster,it is more effective.

There are one-button start, manual adjustment and intelligent control system on the screen.

There s high and ow pressure oil distributor direct spraying technology. The oil cylinder and oil tube is one part to be together with the machine. And no oil valve&anti oil leakage design.It s easier and more simple for maintenance.

The mould materal is S136. It is processed with multi-channel complex processing technology.And there is DLC treatment on the finished mould,no need maintenance.

Cap made is high densty, nice appearance.

1. Uniform 180kg high and 50kg low pressure distribution. High cap density, low weight and beautiful appearance.

2. One oil pump is with onlyone motor,power is 50%less than old cap compressionmolding machine.

3. The traditional old cap compression molding machine is with separate oil cylinder and oil valve, which will cause oilleakage, and theoilpipe willbe consumed after 3 years. The oil cylinder, oilvalve and oil pipe of this machine all are the one part, so the machine lifetime will be longer.

4. Double water route cooling, core and cavity are independent cooling. Thus the cap mould cooling is better, the capacity is bigger.

5. Main rotary plate is 50# steel more heavy, density is higherand betterforforgingcomparingwith 45# steel.

6. Machine and mould parts are processed by Taiwan ive axis CNC machine. Caps made are with high precision.Especially for CSD cap.

7. Italian original reducer, and driven by the bet,the machine runs without wear, good restraint.

8. Bigger SKF and NSK heavy loading and low noise bearing confirm the machine to run well.

9. Oilseal and other sealing are allHailte from UK to stregthen the sealing for machine.

10. There is dehumidification installed onthemachineformoldcoongprotecion.Not easy to be water drop under high temperature work condition.